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About US


Bed Bug Zap was founded to solve bed bug problems in the most cost effective and easy to manage way.  Our heating packages are discreet and ultra fast.  Don’t waste thousands of dollars on a chemical treatment; use heat to kill bed bugs in just 24 hours!

01. Choose Your Package

Choose from 1 of the 3 heat packages and complete the scheduling process on our website.  Need help choosing the right package, give us a call and we would be glad to walk you through the rental process.

02. Pickup or Receive Your Heaters by Delivery

Make sure you read through the how-to documentation provided with your rental and quickly set up your heat system. Remember your Bed Bug Zap team is here to help!!

03. Be Bed Bug Free

A successful treatment should take 12-24 hours to complete.  During this time your room will be heated to at least 120 degrees and all bed bugs, nymphs and eggs will parish leaving your space bed bug free!

About US

A Message from the Owners

Founded in 2020, Bed Bug Zap is the leading provider of bed bug heater rentals in the southeast Flordia area.  We proudly offer Convetex bedbug heaters to all of your rental clients to ensure that the highest quality heat treatments can be applied by anyone and in any location.  We are dedicated to helping you ZAP the bed bugs out of your home or business.


The Best Way to Kill Bed Bugs

Super Speed

Treatments take only 24 hours, rather than weeks or months with traditional methods

Ultra Affordable

Don’t spend thousands on chemical treatments


Chemicals are dangerous to the health of your friends, family and pets.  Keep your loved ones safe with eco friendly heat treatments

Easy to Use

Just plug in the heaters and monitor the results, it’s as easy as that!

Little to No Wait

Quit waiting weeks to be “worked into” a busy pest control technicians schedule.  Perform the treatments on your schedule.

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