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Bed bugs vs. heat


The Battle between bed bugs and heat treatments is no contest; heat wins every time. Bed bugs hate heat, and their entire life cycle can be defeated after just 1 treatment.


Heat Treatments

The Bed Bug Zap Heat treatments use a simple process that yields dramatic results.  The Science behind these revolutionary treatments is simple; bed bugs hate heat!  Bed Bug Zap provides Convectex Bed Bug Heaters, which have been proven to be professional, high quality heaters by pest control companies around the country.  The heaters work by raising the temperature in the affected area to a level that has been proven lethal to bed bugs and holding it until all the bugs have perished.

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The Villainous Bed Bug

Bed bugs are small, flat insects that feed on human and other warm blooded mamals. Bed Bug start their life cycle as nearly microscopic eggs and grow through five developmental stages. At each stage the bed bug nymphs must consume a blood meal in order to develop into the next stage. The whole developmental process takes about a month in an optimal environment.

A single bed bug could be a giant problem.  Killing bed bugs fast is KEY.

Bed Bug Can Lay

Eggs In

Months, Creating

Live, Biting Bugs!

The Simple 5 Step Process

  1. Prep the room.  We will provide you with the information needed to prep the infected area for maximum heat effectiveness!
  2. The heaters are set up and the temperature in the room is raised to 120-140 degrees.
  3. The lethal temperature is held for a minimum of 8-12 hours and should be monitored regularly.
  4. After the required heat time the heaters are removed and the room remains closed to cool slowly and prolong the treatment time.
  5. The room can be re-entered and cleaned as soon as the temperatures have cooled.

The Advantages of Heat Treatment

All Natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly

  • Safe and effective.
  • Works quickly without the need for multiple treatments for a single problem.
  • Saves money by reducing the number of treatments per bed bug sighting.
  • No need to replace mattresses and furniture.
  • Rooms are operational within hours after the treatment instead of days or months with traditional treatments.

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